Case Study - MaxDiff - Presidential Traits

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  • Attributes: Decent/ethical, Plain-speaking, Healthy, Successful in business, Good in a crisis, Experienced in government, Concerned for the welfare of minorities, Understands economics, Concerned about global warming, Concerned about poverty, Has served in the military, Multilingual, Entertaining, Male, From a traditional American background, Christian.
  • Abbreviated attributes: Decent/ethical, Plain-speaking, Healthy, Success in business, Good in a crisis, Govt. experience, Welfare minorities, Understands economics, Global warming, Concerned poverty, Military experience, Multilingual, Entertaining, Male, Traditional American, Christian.
  • Experimental design: File:President Experimental Design.csv
  • Pilot data file: File:President - Pilot.sav
  • Final data file: File:President - Final.sav

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