Comparing Batches in SurveyMonkey

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To compare between two batches of SurveyMonkey responses (e.g. two different types of respondents, or after some time has passed), you should:
  1. Ensure that the second batch is recruited using a different "collector" (see SurveyMonkey).
  2. Have a paid SurveyMonkey account that allows you to download data in SPSS format.
  3. Download the SPSS format from SurveyMonkey and upload it to Displayr. (Use the Other section when uploading; do not click on the SurveyMonkey logo because we do not get the needed information when going this way.)
  4. Create a table of the CollectorID variable.
  5. Ensure that it is treated as categorical data: DATA MANIPULATION | Structure | Percentages.
  6. Crosstab your other questions by the CollectorID variable to compare responses between batches.