Creating and combining phrases in Word Clouds

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Q: I am analyzing text data, and want to create a phrase that says “never needs a pump” and include in that responses that say “I do not have to pump the ball” and “never need to add air to the ball”.

A: You can do this with Word Clouds:

  1. Select your word cloud, or to create a new word cloud, select INSERT > Chart, and select the text data.
  2. On the word cloud, select a word that already contains a distinct part of the phrase (such as “never”).
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the word.
  4. Type in a phrase you want to combine, e.g. “I do not have to pump the ball”, and press Enter.
  5. Type in the next phrase to combine, e.g. “never need to add air to the ball”
  6. Type in the final phrase that you want to display in the word cloud, e.g. “never needs a pump”
  7. Observe that the word now represents all of those phrases (and you will see the number of occurrences next to each phrase).