Displayr Outbound IP Address

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This information relates to the IP address used by Displayr to fetch:

  • URL Data Sets
  • SQL Data Sets

This information does not relate to R Data Sets or R Calculations.

Your URL or SQL data source may have a firewall that requires allowing an IP address in order for Displayr to access it. Displayr's outbound IP address may change, though this is infrequent (roughly, once a year). To get the current value of Displayr's outbound IP, perform an nslookup on the host name that matches your region:

Region to host name table
Region Host name
Australia East displayr-australiaeast.displayr.com
Canada Central displayr-canadacentral.displayr.com
East US displayr-app.displayr.com
Southeast Asia displayr-southeastasia.displayr.com
West Europe displayr-westeurope.displayr.com