Do you offer training?

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We don’t offer training for Displayr. Displayr can automatically generate a report based on the data that was uploaded and present it in the most appropriate format (i.e. table, chart, word cloud, etc...). You can manually make changes to the report after it is generated. Displayr will automatically offer hints and tips in its Suggestions (a blue box at the top-right of each page).

Users are encourage to visit the rest of this knowledgebase or our blog for more tips and tutorials.

If users require support in working out what their data means, or in understanding how to interpret statistical analysis, they can engage a Consultant with a web meeting at $25 per 10 minutes (terms and conditions apply).

Requirements: (a) your survey data uploaded as an initial Displayr report (b) GoToMeeting software installed; your computer screen will be presented during the meeting, with our consultant driving your computer to show you how to achieve your desired outcomes