Finding URLs to Download Data

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If you want Displayr to download fresh data when it loads your document then you need to provide a URL (web address) that immediately downloads the data file. Your URL is good if you do not need to use a password and if - when you paste it into a fresh copy of your web browser - it immediately downloads the file, leaving the web page completely blank.

Data Storage Providers

  • For dropbox, see here. (Note that dropbox URLs will show a web page, but Displayr uses a dropbox-specific trick to make it work anyway).
  • free personal account doesn't provide direct download link, but paid accounts do.
  • For OneDrive (personal), locate the file in OneDrive in your browsed, click the Embed button, and then change "embed" to "download" in the URL which shows at the top of your browser.
  • For Google Drive (personal), the direct link is created by where fileID is obtained from the Link to Share dialog.
  • For Office 365 SharePoint (OneDrive) direct download link is provided when the user creates a link.