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This page compiles together our written resources on getting started with Displayr. If you'd like more visual or hands on learning, you can check out our other pages for training videos and interactive tutorials.

How to use this page

If you are new to Displayr or need a general refresher, start with the short or long courses and print off a copy of our Displayr cheat sheet. To find guides for specific topics, check out our blog and curated list of useful posts below. If you need more inspiration for creating dashboards, we have dashboard examples you can check out. Finally, we have a couple posts on transitioning to Displayr from other software at the bottom.

Quick Introduction

For a quick introduction and overview of Displayr, check out the Introducing Displayr blog post.

Courses for Learning Displayr

A Short Course

This is a DIY training course for learning Displayr. It is made up of a series of posts, which have been written to be read in order, each one building on concepts from the previous post. This series of posts is each accompanied by a video. A Short Course for Learning Displayr

Case studies included in the course

  1. Getting started with a simple visualization
  2. The analysis of raw data from a survey
  3. The automatic updating of time series
  4. Getting started with advanced analysis
  5. Visualizing data
  6. Updating analyses and reporting with revised data

A Longer, More Complete Course

This longer, DYI course covers many of the same topics as the short course in greater detail. It walks through the process of using Displayr from loading data to generating reproducible reports. The blogs are written to be read in order.

Longer Introductory Displayr Course:

  1. Introduction to Displayr 1: Overview
  2. Introduction to Displayr 2: Getting Your Data into Displayr
  3. Introduction to Displayr 3: Creating Tables, Charts, and Other Visualizations
  4. Introduction to Displayr 4: Simple Calculations
  5. Introduction to Displayr 5: Machine Learning and Multivariate Statistics
  6. Introduction to Displayr 6: Automated and Reproducible Reporting

Other Useful Resources

The Help Center

The Displayr Help Center searches across all of Displayr's resources, including the blog and the Displayr wiki. It can be your first stop when looking for help with Displayr.

The Displayr FAQ

Displayr's FAQ covers a broad spectrum of common Displayr questions. It includes everything from pricing questions to advanced analytics.

The Displayr Blog

The Displayr blog has articles on a wide array of topics. Some of the more popular ones are listed below. If you're looking for a specific topic not listed here, the How To Guides section on the blog contains many step by step examples.

Cheat Sheet

For a quick overview of the Displayr concepts, workflow, and outputs, check out the Displayr Cheat Sheet. Many users print this off and use it as a reference as they are learning how to use the software.

Examples of Dashboards

Video Training

The Video Training covers a variety of topics and serve as short, visual guides.

Coming to Displayr from Other Software

If you're coming to Displayr from other tools, these posts add some helpful context to how Displayr works.