How can I import a paper survey or PDF file into Displayr?

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If you have raw survey responses that are not stored in one of Displayr's supported data file formats (Category:Supported_Data_File_Types), you will need to enter the responses into a data file in order to use them with Displayr.

Method 1: Create a spreadsheet

Create a new spreadsheet using a program such as Excel or Google Spreadsheet in the format described here: Importing Excel spreadsheets or CSV files

Your question names should be in the first row of the spreadsheet.  The responses to the questions should be below the variable, starting from the second row.  Each person's response should be in a separate row.

Once finished entering your data, export the spreadsheet as an Excel .xlsx file (or .csv file) and save it to your computer.

You can now upload the Excel file to Displayr to create your report.  Go to your My Reports page and click + Upload data.  The setup wizard will appear with the title Where is your data from? - select Other. Click the Upload button that appears, and select the Excel file from your computer.

Method 2: Use a data collection program

Create a questionnaire in an online data collection program, such as SurveyMonkey, and then enter your data into this as if completing the questionnaire as a respondent. Make sure you do this using a program that can export an SPSS Data File (.sav).

This approach is generally the best in terms of getting a well-structured data file with rich metadata.

Method 3: Scanning and OCR

Documents can be scanned and optical character recognition (OCR) used to capture open-ended responses. This process is usually very complex to implement and is inadvisable except with huge studies.