How do I compare responses between groups?

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Comparisons between groups can be done in a cross-tab. The data that is shown in the table is selected under Inputs > DATA in the Rows and Columns dropdowns. You can start with an existing table on your page, or you can make a new table on a new page by selecting HOME > Page Layout > New Page and then HOME > Tables > Table. Place the data that you want to analyse in the Show dropdown, and select the data that describes the categories for the groups in the By dropdown.
Sometimes it will be a matter of getting your data into the right format before the table will display the kind of statistics that you are after. There are many aspects of the data that can be changed in the DATA MANIPULATION tab. You should start by showing a table that contains the data of interest, and if there is more than one set of data shown in the table you should click on the row or column labels that correspond to the data of interest. Some examples of data manipulation include:
  • To change between showing percentages and averages you can make a select in the Structure section (e.g. Percentages, Averages, etc.).
  • To combine variables together to show their data together on the same table you can select Combine.