How to Export a Document as a Web Page (Dashboard)

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When you create a new document in Displayr it can only be viewed by people in your company that have a Displayr account. To share it with other people as an online dashboard:

  1. Click the Export tab in the Ribbon.
  2. Select whether you want to export it as a Private Web Page (to view it, you should invite users to your Displayr account; they must then log in to Displayr in order to be able to view the document), or as a Public Web Page (available publicly to anyone).
  3. If you wish to hide the navigation bar, click the very bottom of the Web Page (Document) button, and check the option which says Hide navigation pane (see Navigation Bar). Note that this option is only available when exporting as a Private Web Page.
  4. Press Export.
  5. Press Snapshot and View. This button is just reminding you that when you export a dashboard it is going to replace any previous exports of the same document.
  6. Select if you want to open the exported document in a new tab, or the current tab of your browser.

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