How to Export a Document as a Web Page (Dashboard)

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When you create a new document in Displayr it can only be viewed by people in your company that have a Displayr account. To share it with other people as an online dashboard:

  1. Click the Publish drop-down at the top of the screen.
  2. Click Publish as Web Pages button.
  3. Choose Who has access for the published document. The options are:
    • Public on the web. Anyone on the internet can find and access. No login required.
    • Anyone with the link. Anyone who has the link can access. No login required. This option is only available if you have purchased a Displayr license.
    • Login and password required. Shared with specific people. This option is only available if you have purchased a Displayr license, and will require the individuals to have been invited as document viewers to your Displayr account.
  4. If you wish to hide the navigation bar, expand Advanced Options and check the option which says Hide navigation pane (see Navigation Bar).
  5. Press Publish.
  6. Press View or copy the link to share with your colleagues or clients.

Please note that publishing a document using a professional feature will convert the document type to professional if it is a free document. See Free vs Professional Documents for more information about free and professional document types.

Publishing a document privately requires a Professional Displayr license and server time for private dashboards. Once a document is professional it cannot be published publicly.


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