Is Displayr sophisticated enough to handle complex survey data weights and different variance estimators?

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Displayr supports two types of weights.  You can see how they work by using Insert > Variables > New Weight with the Demo Data shown in your Documents page:

  • Existing weight variable.  If your survey software has created a weight variable in the data file (e.g. with values such as 0.6, 0.4), Displayr can use this directly.
  • Creating a new weight variable with 1 target question.  This is for when you have a target question such as Age that you want to enter target values against (e.g. 18% should be 18-24, 40% should be 25-40).
  If you require anything more complex than this, such as entering target values for multiple questions (e.g. both Age and Gender), then we recommend you look into Displayr's big brother, Q Professional, which can handle this by automatically performing rim/rake weighting.