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The main way to learn Displayr is by using Displayr. The app will give you advice on what to do when in Suggestions that appear on the screen, and options within the program contain tooltips that explain what they do.

A series of blog posts continue to be written which explain both core features of Displayr and how it can be used to solve specific problems.

The following is a list of some articles that can be helpful when getting started.

Introductory Updates Blog posts for people from different backgrounds Special topics
Introducing Displayr: the data science and reporting app for everyone

Introduction to Displayr 1: Overview

Introduction to Displayr 2: Getting your data into Displayr

Introduction to Displayr 3: Creating tables, charts, and other visualizations

Introduction to Displayr 4: Simple calculations

Introduction to Displayr 5: Machine learning and multivariate statistics

Introduction to Displayr 6: Reporting - automated and reproducible

Displayr's product roadmap An overview of Displayr for Excel users

Displayr: a better alternative to SPSS

Using Displayr to filter data, analyses, and whole reports

Understanding Variable Sets in Displayr: A Tutorial

5 ways to create a filter in Displayr

10 ways to create new variables in Displayr

Interactive tutorials

Click on any of the links below to access an interactice tutorial on that topic. Once you click in the link, the tutorial is added to your account for you to use forever.

Learn the fundamentals

Create visualizations

Advanced Techniques

Customize your document with R

Cheat Sheet

For a quick overview of the Displayr concepts, workflow, and outputs, check out the Displayr Cheat Sheet.


For some videos on how to build documents in Displayr, check out our short course for learning Displayr.

Contact support for additional assistance.