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Intro to Displayr

Title Video Content Length
Part 1 - Palm Trees   Create a Palm Tree chart to visualize multi-dimensional data. Customize the chart and document. 8:11
Part 2 - Supermarket survey   Import a data file and create a Powerpoint-like presentation. Customize the document appearance, create simple crosstabs and visualizations, modify variables and filters, and export to Powerpoint. This example uses data from a supermarket survey. 13:55
Part 3 - Time Series   Import and visualize time-series data. Pull in financial and search data using an API, create a time-series chart that updates in real-time, customize the appearance, and export to a webpage. 10:56
Part 4 - Advanced Analysis   Use Hierarchical Bayes in a MaDiff Study. 3:26
Part 5 - Visualizing Data   A number of different ways to visualize data. The visualizations include Bar charts, geographic maps, pictographs, donut charts, and ranking chart. 23:30
Part 6 - Updating documents   Update a Displayr document. Analyses and visualizations automatically update with your data. 2:08

Choice-based conjoint

Title Video Content Length
CBC 1 - Introduction to Choice Modeling   What is choice modeling and how can it be done in Displayr? 2:45
CBC 2 - Creating an experimental design   Create an experimental design and interpret the output. Customize the design with help from the tips and warnings provided. 8:58
CBC 3 - Exporting a design for data collection   Export a choice model to Excel and Qualtrics. 1:05
CBC 4 - Estimating the model   Use Hierarchical Bayes to estimate a choice model. 2:37
CBC 5 - Checking and refining the model   Using the "smoke test" and "smell test" to check and refine a choice model. Test the model using cross-validation and extract individual utilities. 6:14
CBC 6 - Building the simulator   Build an interactive choice modeling simiulator. 2:24
CBC 7 - Further reporting from the model   Further your reporting with demand curves, indifference curves, utilities plots, correlation matrices, cluster analysis, and decision trees. 8:10