What data file formats does Displayr support?

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Displayr can import the following data file formats.  Each file format is listed by the name of the format or program which typically creates it, and the file extension.

  • SPSS (.sav)
  • Triple-S (.xml or .sss)
  • IBM SPSS Data Model (.mdd)
  • Excel (.xls or .xlsx)
  • CSV (.csv)

Most survey collection software can export your survey's raw data in at least one of these formats.  If you have a choice of formats, always prefer SPSS (.sav), Triple-S (.xml or .sss) or IBM SPSS Data Model (.mdd) over the other formats - because these contain your original question/answer labels and also describe how to group multiple choice questions together.  Excel (.xls or .xlsx) and CSV (.csv) file formats do not contain any of this information and may require you to manually enter question/answer labels or re-group multiple choice questions.

Unsupported file formats

Other file formats such as PDF (.pdf) cannot be understood by Displayr and you will need to convert them to a supported file format first.

Already summarized data or tables

Sometimes you may have only been given survey data in a summarized format, showing sample sizes and percentages.  Displayr cannot understand this data.  Displayr requires the individual responses to the survey, also known as the raw data.