Why don't percentages add up to 100%?

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By default, Displayr does not display all the decimal places and instead rounds the results. For example, 33.3333333333% is rounded down to 33% and 32.5% is rounded up to 33%. You can control the number of decimal places that are displayed on the screen, and thus the rounding, using APPEARANCE > Number and choosing either of the top two buttons.

A consequence of not all the decimal places being shown is that if you sum up the numbers manually you may often get a different result to that shown in the NET or SUM on a table.

For example say we have the following table shown to 13 decimal places:
US                 33.3333333333333%
UK                 33.3333333333333%
AU                 33.3333333333333%
NET               100.0000000000000%

In Displayr, rounding to 0 decimal places shows:
US                 33%
UK                 33%
AU                 33%
NET               100%

Whereas if manually adding up the numbers you would get the incorrect result of 99%.

This shows there is no perfect approach to rounding. The approach used in Displayr is the industry standard.