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Settings and preferences for a Displayr account can be accessed via the administrative page. A quick way to access this page is to click the cog icon at the top right-hand corner of the Displayr window, then select either "Account" or "Settings". The administrative page consists of a number of tabs each which presents a set of administrative functions.


This tab lists the Displayr licenses which have been purchased and which are currently active. There will also be one or more "Add" buttons for purchasing a new license. Note that you cannot add Trial licences. Also, members of multi-user companies who are not company administrators will only be able to see their own licenses.


The Usage tab can be used to extract fine-grained details of when your Displayr account has been accessed. If you are a sole user or a company administrator, you will be able to see edit-mode usage for all users as well as view-mode usage. You will also be able to filter the results by up to 15 users. On the other hand, if you do not have administrative privileges you will only be able to see your own edit-mode usage.

Up to 100 results are shown per page, however you can export all results to CSV (readable in Excel) by clicking the document icon to the right of the search boxes.

Please note that the time zone used for usage results and the search boxes is Coordinated Universal Time.

In the event that Displayr staff need to access a document in order to provide support, no edit-mode usage is recorded for staff.