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Displayr provides several different Regional Servers which ensure data uploaded to the platform remains within a specific geographical region. Please note the ability to specify a desired Regional Server is only available to Displayr Enterprise customers. Please inquire at

Currently Supported Region Details

Data uploaded to Displayr is primarily stored Geo-Redundantly by Microsoft Azure, which means it is automatically backed up to another region within the same geography.

The table below contains the details for current Displayr Regional Servers. For more information on Data Residency within Microsoft Azure in these regions please refer to

Primary Azure Region Name Primary Azure Region Location Backup Azure Region Name Backup Azure Region Location
East United States (East US) Virginia, US West US California, US
Canada Central Toronto, Canada Canada East Quebec City, Canada
West Europe Netherlands North Europe Ireland
Australia East New South Wales, Australia Australia Southeast Victoria, Australia

Temporary Storage and External Backups

During the upload process your data will temporarily reside in Amazon AWS S3 storage in an equivalent region to the Azure region.

Data uploaded to East United States (East US) region will also be backed up in Amazon AWS S3 storage in an equivalent region to the Azure region.

Hosting Provider Security

Both Microsoft and Amazon have strong data protection commitments in their terms. Please see the following for more details: