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Create a box plot. The range of the box indicates the interquartile range of the data and the central line shows the median. For more explanation, see Plotly's help page on box plots This blog post describes how to create a box plot in Displayr.


Additional information

In Displayr, quantiles or percentiles are mostly computed using [math]\displaystyle{ \hat{Q}_6 (p) }[/math] as described in Hyndman and Fan (1996). However, box plots are rendered by plotly, which uses [math]\displaystyle{ \hat{Q}_5 (p) }[/math]. [math]\displaystyle{ \hat{Q}_5 (p) }[/math] satisfies certain properties that are useful for visual display, although [math]\displaystyle{ \hat{Q}_6 (p) }[/math] has a better justification for estimation. Any difference between [math]\displaystyle{ \hat{Q}_5 (p) }[/math] and [math]\displaystyle{ \hat{Q}_6 (p) }[/math] should be quite small unless the sample size is very small.


The density is computed using the base R density function and the plot is created using plotly.