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A bulk import of users allows you to add many users to a Multi-User Account at once. Bulk Importing of users can be accessed by clicking your person icon in the top right, and navigating to Account Settings > Settings > Users > Bulk Import. In order to import users in bulk, you'll need to create a CSV file describing the users you want to import.

Bulk Importing CSV Format

Each row of the CSV file should define the name and email of a user, as well as a list of user groups the user will belong to, in the following format


Name: The name of the new user

Email: The email of the new user

Groups: A list of User Groups the user will belong to. Group names should be separated by a pipe "|" character e.g. "Group 1|Group 2|Group 3".

Note that:

  • Any groups that do not exist will be created.
  • Group names are not case sensitive.
  • The groups field can be left blank to create a user who is not part of any groups.

Editing Existing Users

It is also possible to edit the groups of existing users with the bulk import feature. Simply add a row to the CSV file with an email that matches an existing user. The user will be added to all the groups mentioned in the CSV file, and removed from any groups not mentioned. Note that it is not possible to edit your own groups in such a way that you are removed from the administrators group of your company.

Example CSV File

   New user,new-user@email.com,View Documents|New Group
   Existing user we want to edit,existing-user@email.com,Administrators|Create/Edit Documents|View Documents|New Group