Case Study - Dashboard - Traveler Concerns

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This case study formed the first part of the webinar DIY Market Research Dashboards - Building 4 in 40 minutes (webinar), originally presented on the 5th of December, 2017.


This case study presents a simple approach to creating visualizations in Displayr by pasting in results from an Excel spreadsheet. The visualization, called a Palm Tree, describes the concerns that travelers have about a range of travel destinations.

In this simple case study you will learn:

  • How to create new Displayr documents
  • How to create a visualization by pasting in data from Excel
  • How to use an image as an attractive background for your slide

You can view the final dashboard here.

You can edit a copy of the final dashboard here.


This case study links to the content of the first chapter in the webinar (recording here). Please note that this recording was done in a previous version of Displayr: the location of the options used have changed. Use the Search menus box to find functions in the new interface.


How to set up the dashboard

All of the steps required to create this dashboard are described in this article from our blog.


These files were used in the construction of this dashboard: