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Text Analysis contains features that enable you to analyze text variables. Text could be information from open-ended responses collected in a survey or perhaps social media data (like Tweets) or any data that is comprised of alphabetical information (sometimes called string or character information). Without being processed, the text information is sometimes referred to as being raw data.

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In Displayr you can have text variables on their own, or have multiple text variables combined into a variable set as a Text-Multi. See Structure for more information on this distinction.

Under the Insert > Text Analysis there are a variety of features.

Categorization refers to assigning code(s) to your text information, so they can used in quantitative analysis (ie: generating statistics about your text information). This process is sometimes known as Coding in other programs. Categorizing can be done manually, automatically and semi-automatically.

There are a range of other Advanced Text Analysis features and Text Visualizations.

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