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A Data Set in Displayr is a representation of a Flat Data File. It has the following properties:

  • It is associated with one data source, which will either be:
    • A data file.
    • A table generated by an SQL query.
    • A table created by R code.
  • The data source has a Flat Data File structure, where rows represent observation (i.e., cases, observations), and columns represent variables.
  • Variables are mutually, exclusively, and exhaustively grouped into Variable Sets.
  • Tables are constructed by specifying their input Variable Sets.
  • A Data Set appears as a folder in the Data Tree.
  • Although a Data Set can be analyzed using R, it is not in any way created or modified via R.
  • Under the 'hood' of Displayr is a dependency graph, that maps the relationships between all of the variables and the raw data file.
  • The data source associated with a Data Set may be changed, by clicking on the Data Set in the Data Tree, and updating from within the Object Inspector. If the original data file is changed, or any property of one the variables is changed, everything in the data set will automatically update to reflect the change.

Importing or creating a Data Set

In the Data Sets tree, click the + button or Add Data Set.

How Displayr automatically organizes data in a Data Set

When a data set is created, Displayr:

  • Automatically searches through the data and automatically groups variables into Variable Sets based on similarities in their metadata.
  • Manually 'fixes' a number of common problems in the data data file.

Undoing Displayr's automatic data organization

Occasionally Displayr automatically organizes data in ways that are not desired. You can always change the data to another format. The main ways of doing this are:

  • Changing the Structure of the Variable Set.
  • Where the variable has been automatically converted from text to categorical:
    1. Select the categorical variable and the Data Tree and press Delete.
    2. Click on the original variable, and rename it (removing " - text" from the end of the label).
    3. In the Object Inspector, uncheck Properties > GENERAL > Hidden except in the data tree.

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