Legacy charts using R tables as inputs

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The following charts can take tabular data:

  • Any categorical plot (bar, column, line, dot charts that have "with tests" in their name
  • Pie charts with tests
  • Small multiples with trend tests (Trend Plot in Q), excluding date questions. Date-based significance tests cannot be derived from a table because they span the entire period.
  • Stacked versions of the bar and column plots (eg stacked bar chart with tests). Limitation: these charts cannot show negatives below the X axis - these need value attributes which do not normally appear in R tables.
  • Categorical plots are limited to two-dimensional tables
  • Mosaic (Mekko in Visualization selector)

Coming soon:

  • Visualization > Exotic > Bump (previously called Ranking Plots)
  • Visualization > Numbers > Classic Gauge
  • Visualization > Text Analysis > Word Cloud

The following plots are not currently able to take tabular data:

  • Time series
  • Column with Trend Tests
  • Scatterplots
  • Histograms