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A live widget is a Standard R output that:

  1. Is connected to data in a way that means when the data updates, the widget itself updates. For example:
    • It is connected to a data source in in the Displayr Cloud Drive.
    • It extracts data from some other software via an API.
    • It reads data from some updatable data source on the internet.
  2. It does not read data from elswhere within a document (e.g., it does not read data from a table nor a data set).
  3. Can be copied and pasted between Displayr documents. This property is a consequence of the first two properties.

Desirable properties of a live widget

A well designed live widget is self-contained, fulfilling all that somebody who needs access to the data needs. To achieve this, a live widget will generally be able to be mutated by its end-users in the following ways:

  1. By time. For example, changing the start date, end date, and time aggregation.
  2. Filtering by relevant sub-groups. For example, a widget of sales data would be filterable by sales territory.
  3. Into each of:
    • Raw data
    • A summary table
    • A visualization
  4. By being linked to (i.e., a user should be able to use the live widget as an input into other analyses).
  5. Has attr(x, "ChartData") so that it can be exported as an editable chart in PowerPoint.