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Write R code.

An R Output is an R object. Typically, it consists of data, the result of a calculation of some kind (e.g., the fitting of a statistical model), or an image. It can be more than one of these at the same time.

The roles of R Outputs in Displayr

An R Output performs two related roles within Displayr:

  • They are, as the name suggests, outputs that appear on a Page in Displayr.
  • They are data or results that can be referred to by other R Outputs and R Variables.

Creating an R Output

R Outputs are created by:

  • Selecting Insert > Analysis > R Output and entering code in the R CODE box in the Object Inspector and pressing Calculate.
  • Choosing options from the Ribbon, many of which are R Outputs.

Appearance of an R Output

An R Output can appear as a:

  • Table. While this looks like a Table, it is both created in a different way to a table, and has different functionality when the user interacts with it. See Tables.
  • Plot. That is, a chart.
  • Text. This will look like a Textbox, but is modified via R Code.

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