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From the Displayr release of the 7th June 2021, an R Output is referred to as a Calculation or Custom Calculation.

A Calculation is an object that's been created using R code. Typically, it consists of data, the result of a calculation of some kind (e.g., the fitting of a statistical model), or an image. It can be more than one of these at the same time. These objects are referred to in the menus as Calculation.

The roles of Calculations in Displayr

A Calculation performs two related roles within Displayr:

  • They are, as the name suggests, the results of a calculation that appear on a Page in Displayr.
  • They are data or results that can be referred to by other Calculations and Variables constructed using R.

Creating a Calculation

Calculations are created by:

  • Selecting Calculation > Custom Code and entering code in the R CODE box in the Object Inspector and pressing Calculate.
  • Choosing options from the menus, many of which are the results of Calcuations.

Appearance of a Calculation

A Calculation can appear as a:

  • Table. While this looks like a Table, it is both created in a different way to a table, and has different functionality when the user interacts with it. See Tables.
  • Plot. That is, a chart.
  • Text. This will look like a Textbox, but is modified via R CODE.

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