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Each row in the table represents a list of synonyms. These synonyms are used by the search bar at the top of Displayr documents, which allows you to search features and settings. This list is maintained by Displayr staff.

The first column is a target term, and should be named the same as a menu item in Displayr. Each following column is a synonym for the target term, which means that if the user searches for the synonym, the target menu item will be highlighted. Each row can have multiple columns if there are multiple synonyms for the target term. The terms are used in a case insensitive manner, so the capitalization below is irrelevant.

Please keep the list in alphabetical order.

ANOVA Analysis of Variance
Background color Background colour
Binary Logit Logistic
Bumps Ranking Ranking Plot
Choice Modeling Conjoint CBC
Caption footnote sample size base footer
Combine Merge Net Nette Nett
Combine Categories merge merge categories
Correspondence Analysis of a Square Table Duplication matrix Switching matrix
Correspondence Analysis of a Table Correspondance analysis map Moonplot
Contrast Periods Date Time
Driver Analysis Shapley Correlation Regression Jaccard Johnson Johnson's Relative Weights
Font color Font colour
Funnel Pyramid
Hierarchical Cluster Analysis Segment Segmentation
Hierarchical Bayes HB
Impute Missing Data Imputation mice hot deck multiple imputation missing values
K-Means Cluster Analysis Segment Segmentation
Latent Class Analysis Segment Segmentation cluster
Linear Regression Analysis of covariance
Mixed Mode Cluster Analysis Segment Segmentation cluster
Moonplot Correspondence Analysis of a Table Correspondance analysis map
Mosaic Plot marimekko mekko
Page Slide
Page Master Slide Master
Principal Components Analysis Principle factor PCA
Rename Re-name Change Name Document Name File Name Filename
Rolling Moving
Rules Conditional Formatting
TURF Reach Portfolio Planning Duplication Duplicated
Text Analysis Text coding Text Categorization Coding Verbatims Open-ended
Test Row 2
Test Row 3.1 Test Row 3.2 Test Row 3.3