Using the Free Version of Displayr

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You can sign up and use Displayr for free by clicking the Get Displayr Free button on our homepage. The free account has some restrictions in terms of how you can publish your work, how much data you can upload, and how long your calculations are allowed to run, and these are discussed below.

Online Publishing

If you want to publish a document online, it must be public. This means that your published work will be viewable by anyone, and may be promoted on our website.

Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF Exports

These exports are not available in the free version of Displayr.

Data Set Size

Free accounts are limited to adding Data Sets which are no larger than 1,000 rows or 100 columns.


Calculations on the free account are limited to 10 minutes.

Table outputs may not be larger than 1,000 rows or 100 columns.


Free accounts are limited to 20 documents.

Document Settings, including the Version History, are not accessible by free accounts.


Free accounts are limited to a single user, so you may not collaborate with other people when creating documents.