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Cell structure is:

Sub-menu name {visualization name 1} {visualization name ...}

A single visualization may be in more than one cell.


{Bar - Bar}{Bar - Bar with Tests}{Bar - Stacked Bar}{Bar - Stacked Bar with Tests}{Bar - Small Multiples Bar}{Bar - Small Multiples Bar with Tests}{Bar - Funnel}{Bar - Small Multiples Funnel}{Pictographs - Pictograph Bar}{Number - Number in Bar}


{Column - Column}{Column - Column with Tests}{Column - Stacked Column}{Column - Mekko}{Column - Stacked Column with Tests}{Column - Stacked Column with Custom Tests}{Time Series - Column with Trend Tests}{Column - Small Multiples Column}{Column - Sparkline Column}


{Pies - Pie}{Pies - Pie with Tests}{Pies - Clustered Pie}{Pies - Donut}{Number - Number in Donut}{Pies - Donut with Tests}


{Radar - Radar}{Radar - Small Multiples Radar}


{Number - Number}{Number - Number in Rectangle}{Number - Number in Oval}{Number - Number in Donut}{Number - Number in Bar}{Number - Modern Gauge}{Number - Classic Gauge}{Pictographs - Conditional Image}{Single Value Chart}{ngvizTestVisualization}


{Line - Line}{Line - Line with Tests}{Line - Snake with Tests}{Time Series - Time Series with Tests}{Line - Small Multiples Line}{Line - Sparkline Line}{Line - Sparkline Line with End Labels}{Line - Sparkline Curve}{Line - Sparkline Curve with End Labels}


{Scatter - Scatter}{Scatter - Labeled Scatter}{Scatter - Horizontal Dot with Tests}{Scatter - Vertical Dot with Tests}{Scatter - Small Multiples Scatter}{Correlation - Scatterplot Matrix}{Scatter - 2D Histogram}


{Bubble - Bubble}{Bubble - Labeled Bubble}{Bubble - Small Multiples Bubble}

Dimension Reduction

{Dimension Reduction - Correspondence Analysis of a Table}{Dimension Reduction - Correspondence Analysis of a Square Table}{Dimension Reduction - Multiple Correspondence Analysis}{Dimension Reduction - Diagnostic - Moonplot}{Dimension Reduction - Dimension Reduction Scatterplot}{Dimension Reduction - Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)}{Dimension Reduction - Diagnostic - Correspondence Analysis Quality Table}{Dimension Reduction - Diagnostic - Component Plot}{Dimension Reduction - Diagnostic - Goodness of Fit Plot}{Dimension Reduction - Diagnostic - Scree Plot}{Dimension Reduction - Principal Components Analysis Biplot}


{Distributions - Histogram}{Distributions - Categorizable Histograms}{Distributions - Small Multiples Histogram}{Distributions - Bean}{Distributions - Small Multiples Bean}{Distributions - Density}{Distributions - Small Multiples Density}{Distributions - Violin}{Distributions - Small Multiples Violin}{Distributions - Box}{Distributions - Small Multiples Box}{Distributions - Sparkline Box}


{Pictographs - Single Icon}{Pictographs - Repeated Icon}{Pictographs - Pictograph Bar}{Pictographs - Conditional Image}

Text Analysis

{Word Cloud - Word Cloud}{Text Analysis - Advanced - Map}{Text Analysis - Advanced - Predictive Tree}

Geographic Maps

{Geographic Map - Geographic Map}{Geographic Map - Small Multiples Geographic Map}


{Area - Area}{Area - Stacked Area}{Area - Stacked Area 100%}{Area - Small Multiples Area}{Time Series - Stream}{Area - Sparkline Area}{Area - Sparkline Area with End labels}


{Heatmap - Heatmap}{Correlation - Correlation Matrix}

Time Series

{Time Series - Time Series with Tests}{Time Series - Small Multiples with Tests for Trends}{Time Series - Column with Trend Tests}{Time Series - Time Series with Dynamic Window}{Time Series - Stream}


{Exotic - Palms}{Exotic - Bump}{Exotic - Sankey}{Exotic - Parallel Coordinates}{Exotic - Venn}{Marketing - Price Sensitivity Meter}

Choice Modeling and MaxDiff Diagnostics

{Choice Modeling - Class Parameters Table}{Choice Modeling - Class Preference Shares Table}{Choice Modeling - Parameter Statistics Table}{Choice Modeling - Posterior Intervals Plot}{Choice Modeling - Trace Plots}{Choice Modeling - Utilities Plot}

Regression and Machine Learning Diagnostics

{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Cook's Distance}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Cook's Distance vs Leverage}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Goodness of Fit}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Influence Index}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Multicollinearity Table (VIF)}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Normal Q-Q}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Prediction-Accuracy Table}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Residuals vs Fitted}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Residuals vs Leverage}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Scale-Location}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Table of Discriminant Function Coefficients}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Test Residual Heteroscedasticity}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Test Residual Normality (Shapiro-Wilk)}{Regression - Diagnostic - StandardRPlot - Test Residual Serial Correlation (Durbin-Watson)}

Specialty Tables

{Tables - Table with Custom Formatting}{Analysis of Variance - Table of Means}{Marketing - Brand Health Table}

Old layout:

Word Cloud

{Word Cloud}


{Number - Number}

Number in Rectangle

{Number - Number in Rectangle}

Number in Oval

{Number - Number in Oval}

Number in Donut

{Number - Number in Donut}

Number in Bar

{Number - Number in Bar}


{Gauges}{Number - Number in Gauge}

Single Icon Pictograph

{Pictograph - Single Icon}

Repeated Icon Pictograph

{Pictograph - Repeated Icon}

Conditional Image

{Conditional Image}


{Histograms (Legacy)}{Histogram}{Small Multiples - Histogram}

Violin Plots

{Violin Plot}{Small Multiples - Violin Plot}

Density Plots

{Density Plot}{Small Multiples - Density Plot}

Box Plots

{Box Plot}{Sparkline - Box}{Small Multiples - Box Plot}

Bean Plots

{Bean Plot}{Small Multiples - Bean Plot}


{Scatterplot (Legacy)}{Scatterplot}{Small Multiples - Scatterplot}{Correlation - Scatterplot Matrix}

Labeled Scatterplots

{Labeled Scatterplot (Legacy)}{Labeled Scatterplot}

Bubble Charts

{Bubble Plot (Legacy)}{Bubble Chart}{Small Multiples - Bubble Chart}

Labeled Bubble Charts

{Labeled Bubble Chart}

2D Histogram

{Quantized Scatterplot}

Bar Charts

{Bar Chart (Legacy)}{Stacked Bar Chart (Legacy)}{Stacked Bar Chart with Negatives}{Grid of Bars Chart}{Bar Chart}{Stacked Bar Chart}{Pictograph - Bar Chart}{Small Multiples - Bar Chart}{Number - Number in Bar}

Column Charts

{Column Chart (Legacy)}{Stacked Column Chart (Legacy)}{Stacked Column Chart with Negatives}{Grid of Bars Chart}{Mosaic Plot}{Column Plot with Trend}{Column Chart}{Stacked Column Chart}{Small Multiples - Column Chart}{Stacked Column Chart with Statistical Significance}{Sparkline - Column}

Line Charts

{Line Chart (Legacy)}{Time Series Plot (Legacy)}{Snake Plot}{Line Chart}{Small Multiples - Line Chart}{Sparkline - Line}{Sparkline - Line with End Labels}{Sparkline - Curve}{Sparkline - Curve with End Labels}

Area Charts

{Area Chart}{Stacked Area Chart}{Stacked Area 100%}{Small Multiples - Area Chart}{Streamgraph}{Sparkline - Area}{Sparkline - Area with End labels}

Dot Charts

{Horizontal Dot Chart}{Vertical Dot Chart}

Time Series Charts

{Time Series Plot (Legacy)}{Trend Plot}{Column Plot with Trend}{Time Series Graph}{Streamgraph}


{Heatmap}{Correlation - Correlation Matrix}


{Pie Chart (Legacy)}{Pie Chart}{Clustered Pie Chart}


{Donut Chart}{Number - Number in Donut}

Funnel Chart

{Pyramid Chart}

Bump Chart

{Ranking Plot}

Palm Trees

{Palm Trees}



Geographic Maps

{Geographic Map}{Small Multiples - Geographic Map}

Correspondence Analysis

{Dimension Reduction - Correspondence Analysis of a Table}


{Dimension Reduction - Diagnostic - Moonplot}

Radar Charts

{Radar Chart}{Small Multiples - Radar Chart}

Sankey Diagram

{Sankey Diagram}

Multiple Correspondence Analysis

{Dimension Reduction - Multiple Correspondence Analysis}

Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)

{Dimension Reduction - Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)}

Parallel Coordinates

{Parallel Coordinates}

Correlation Matrix Heatmap

{Correlation - Correlation Matrix}

Dimension Reduction Scatterplot

{Dimension Reduction - Dimension Reduction Scatterplot}

Venn Diagram

{Venn Diagram}


{Pictograph - Single Icon}{Pictograph - Repeated Icon}{Pictograph - Bar Chart}

Previously working test layout:

A Charts

{Area Chart}

B Charts

{Bar Chart}{Bean Plot}{Box Plot}

C Charts

{Column Chart}

H Charts

{Histograms (Legacy)}

L Charts

{Line Chart (Legacy)}

N Charts

{Quantized Scatterplot}

P Charts

{Pie Chart (Legacy)}

R Charts

{Ranking Plot}

Sa Charts

{Scatterplot (Legacy)}{Snake Plot}

Sp Charts

{Stacked Bar Chart (Legacy)}{Stacked Bar Chart with Negatives}{Stacked Column Chart (Legacy)}{Stacked Column Chart with Negatives}

T Charts

{Time Series Plot (Legacy)}{Trend Plot}

V Charts

{Vertical Dot Chart}

W Charts

{Word Cloud}