Manual download of SurveyMonkey data

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The best way to get your survey data into Displayr is to click on the SurveyMonkey icon after you click Upload Data.  Only use these instructions if that is not working.

  1. Log in to SurveyMonkey.  You must have a paid SurveyMonkey account that is paid annually in order to export responses.
  2. Select My Surveys.
  3. Click on the Analyze icon next to your survey.
  4. Click on Exports in the left menu.
  5. Under Export All, select All responses data.
  6. Under Format, select .SPSS (only available with premium SurveyMonkey accounts) or .XLS+.
  7. Click the Export button.
  8. Wait until your download is ready.

Please contact us if you have problems with these instructions.