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Master slides can be edited by selecting Page Master View (second icon from the left in the view section)...

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...and making changes to the layout and formatting. There are six default master pages: Title, Single Item, Item and Text, Two Items, and Title Only. New master pages can be created by following the steps below.

The master for an individual page is selected when making a new page, or it is changed for an existing page by selecting the page and in the Object Inspector clicking Properties > LAYOUT > Page layout.

The types of formatting changes you can make on the master slide are:

  • Font formatting of text boxes, the main item (table or chart) and its footer.
  • Position and size of the different pre-determined slots (title, item, text box).
  • Addition of new text items (e.g. for a company footer on each page).
  • Addition of new images (e.g. for a background image or company logo on each page).
  • Setting the default colors for charts and tables.

Creating new master pages

You can create your own master pages by duplicating and modifying the existing ones. To create a new master page:

  1. Begin editing the master pages by clicking Page Master View.
  2. Select the name of the master page that you want to copy under the Master section on the left-hand-side of the window.
  3. Select Duplicate in the toolbar. A new copy will appear.
  4. Change the Label of your new page in Properties > GENERAL.
  5. Change the layout, font, etc. of your page as desired.

Now, when creating a new page your new master page will be available. It is not currently possible to add additional placeholders to master pages.