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You can add a Data Set to your Displayr document by selecting Data Sets > Add a data set. It is also possible to paste data directly into the program by using Table > Paste or Enter Table and by using the options in the Visualization menu. If you have a document that has been shared with you as a .QPack file (created in Displayr or Q), then it can be uploaded from the Documents page by clicking Upload > QPack.

Information about the types of data set you can use in Displayr and how Displayr processes your data may be found here.

Personally Identifiable Information

Please avoid including Personally Identifiable Information, like names and email addresses, in the data sets that you upload to Displayr. If necessary, ask your data supplier to remove personal information from the data that they supply to you.

To remove Personally Identifiable Information from an existing document, follow the steps outlined here.

If you wish to update a Displayr document with a version of your data set that has personal information removed then you should:

  1. Select the name of the data set under Data Sets.
  2. Use the Update... button in the Object Inspector to update the data with the new version.
  3. Click Publish > Embed Object > Update All Embeds.
  4. Go to your Documents page.
  5. Click the ... > Duplicate button for your document to make a new copy.
  6. Click the ... > Delete button next to the old document.