Free vs Professional Documents

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A Displayr document is either a Professional document or a Free document. If you are using the free version of displayr, all of your documents are free documents, and you can't create professional documents. If you have a professional license for Displayr, each document starts as free, and becomes professional whenever you use a professional feature.

How to tell if a document is free or professional

After you log in to Displayr, you will be shown your Documents page. If a document is professional, this will be listed to the right-hand side. If a document is not marked as Professional, then it is a free document.

What is the difference?

If you have a professional license, free documents will not consume your server time and may only be published publicly. Professional documents require server time to be published to the web and cannot be published publicly.

Users without professional licenses may not collaborate on professional documents. People with a professional license may collaborate on any document (so long as they are part of a User Group with the relevant permissions).